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Aus Licht

From September 2017 - June 2019 I was studying on the Masters aus Licht course at the Koninklijk Conservatoire Den Haag. For this one of a kind masters I studied intensely with Marco Blaauw, focusing primarily (but not only) on Stockhausen's music for trumpet. 

I played the role of 'Michael' in Luzifer's Tanz, becoming the first ever female trumpeter to perform in this role.

If you would like to see some scenes of pure grandeur please click on the 'LICHT" button below!


Kaolin Ensemble

After the production of Aus LICHT in Amsterdam 2019 myself and my colleagues decided to form a group together to focus on contemporary and new music. If you would like to know more or get in touch please check out our website!


Mixtape Project

Using tailored mixtapes I am exploring a different form of the collaborative process of working with composers. I have designed each mixtape to affect the composer in many ways without allowing them to know what they are listening to, letting only the music affect their thoughts and writing.

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